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Q: We are a childless couple in our 60's and ready to retire from the NE to the SW- New Mexico is our choice. Considering that we are not abundant & have no requirement for a 3-4 bed room home, but DO require a big lot, at least 3/4 acre, we are interested in constructing an affordable, SMALL energy- efficient house, like the ones designed by Laura & Alex Sanchez in their book, 'Adobe Houses for Today'. We are particularly thinking about one of only 862 sq feet, plus a garage. Just how much trouble are we going to have getting funding for a house of this size in a good development or lot close to standard power and water? Can you recommend any loan providers we may speak with in the Silver City area of NM ?? A: (Quentin Wilson) I don't know the Silver City scene but up here in the environments of Espanola loans on adobe homes are nearly routine.

In both cases I begin with the bank president in these little banks. One president Go to the website of Valley bought an adobe house that I had constructed so throughout his tenure the bank was large open to my ideas. Another president who likes adobe then went to the Neighborhood Bank and is still there. We even worked with the Bank of America in Espanola once - How long can you finance a camper. If the rural argument can be made then you would also be eligible for Farmers Home Administration (How to become a finance manager at a car dealership). The name has actually altered however individuals are the same. There suffice off the grid, off the wall, off stick constructed building, off in every way kinds of people around Silver City.

Q: I need aid in getting in contact with a broker that does building and construction to long-term loan for a second home in North Carolina. This home will be log and what we require the most is a lending institution who will take or give credit for the equity as cash for our deposit towards the loan. We have actually owned our land for 6 years and I can't find anybody who will allow us to utilize our land as a down. Any response or guide you may have for us would be great, otherwise our dreams will concern end. A: I would recommend that you look for a local, independent neighborhood bank in your area that does construction lending.


Plus it will cost a lot more in costs due to the reality that they cant do anything themselves, such as examinations. They need to employ building inspectors or designers which can run into a lot of cash. There are community banks all throughout the country that do this kind of financing, plus you get the individual service dealing with somebody local. All commercial banks will utilize made equity toward the deposit on your loan - What is a consumer finance account. They may balk if it is unearned equity such as inflated appraisals but you do not see much of that in today's environment. Q: My husband and I have fallen in love with an earth-berm house for sale up here in northern Wyoming, but we can't find conventional funding for it due to lack of comps.

A: I would suggest that you get in touch with the local, independent neighborhood banks because location. They are more most likely to be able to do non-traditional homes such as that instead of a big lender like Wells Fargo. Also, you might see if there is a home mortgage business by the name of Affiliated Financial Group in that location. They are very handy in doing that sort of lending. Q: We are trying to build a "healthy house" in Tucson AZ utilizing natural materials and no chemicals as much as possible. We are having problem getting funding using "natural approaches" of termite control instead of the chemicals.

Q: My spouse and I are attempting to develop a strawbale house and we are having problem getting a building and construction loan. We do not own the land yet - What is a consumer finance account. What do you need to finance a car. Can we get a loan for both the lot and building and construction for a strawbale house? We reside in Idaho, can you or do you know anyone who can help us get financed? A: I would suggest that you call among your local, community banks in regard to getting your timeshare fees house financed. There is a company called First Mortgage Business in Colorado Springs that would take a look at doing your long-term funding. If you can get that organized, then among your regional banks would probably do the building loan for you.